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Creators of "Child-Friendly" Environments


WAGS is an advisor to churches, architects, designers, and builders desiring to create irresistible environments for children. After 30+ years of helping churches build dynamic children's ministries, we have tons of creative ideas, including hundreds of examples from the most innovative churches in the U.S. WAGS will help you discover:

  ● What Every Child Needs When He/She Steps on Your Campus

  ● Before You Hire An Architect: 30 Ingredients of "Child-Friendly" Environments

  ● 7 Locations for Displaying the "WOW" Factor

  ● Avoiding Costly Mistakes That Are Not Worth Repeating

  ● How to Create Attractive, Practical, Affordable, Irresistible Environments

  ● Proper Layout, Square Footage, Play Areas, Technology, and Security

  ● ​Tips for Improving Children's Programming and Scheduling 

  ● Multiple Ideas for Multi-Use Facilities

  ● Modern Small Group, Large Group, and Children's Worship Space

  ● Where to Save Money without Diminishing Quality

  ● Keeping An Environment Flexible for Future Growth (without looking temporary)

  ● Selecting the Best Designer(s) to Fit Your Philosophy and Budget

  ● Solving Conflicts When Sharing Space with a School

  ● How to Get Parents and Children to Arrive On-Time

  ● ​and much more

Our Services:

1. On-site Space Evaluation, Recommendations, and Training

    ● ​study of present/future children's environments

    ● ​written recommendations for improvements presented/discussed

    ● ​training (see sample topics above)

2. Theme Design Selection and Supervision

    ● ​provides staff with leading design ideas and examples 

    ● guides staff through branding and logo selection

    ● advises design team thru each stage (creating/selecting/adjusting)

    ● insures that design is age-appropriate

    ● matches church (if/when needed) with designer that best fits your budget and philosophy

3. Project Manager/Advisor

    ● ​guides entire team through each step from concept to completion

    ● ​provide cost-saving tips and resources

    ● helps guard against common mistakes

    ● insures accurate communication between all parties

4. Rally Church Support

    ● ​Bible based sermons and presentations to build enthusiasm, volunteers, and financial support

    ● ​guides pastor and staff with effective messaging/campaign options

Feedback from recent clients: 
"Art, I'm reading over your recommendations again tonight. Just a fabulous job. Thank you so much."
"I appreciate your candor and forthrightness in calling these issues to our attention. Thank you for helping make it happen."

"Thanks for helping us focus on and achieve our goals."

"Your ideas for getting families to arrive on-time were very helpful. Thank you."

"We kicked off our new Wednesday night program with much success. Many thanks to you and your suggestions. In 90 minutes you were able to solve four of our environment issues. In addition to providing tons of creative ideas, you brought up issues we had not considered, but definitely needed."

"In less than two hours, Art saved us over $10,000 and greatly contributed to a much better design for our new children's space.  Time and money well spent!"

Click HERE to read a "thank you" letter from one of our clients.


Let us help your church, or school, create happy, irresistible environments for children. Contact us for a FREE consultation. 

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Sample Project: The "Baby Place" (infant suite) at First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, FL

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