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Do you need help with any of the following:

● fresh ideas for strengthening/improving your children's ministry

● solving enlistment challenges [building an army of volunteers]

● a healthy evaluation of your overall ministry

● becoming a more effective leader, time management

● I'm a rookie, where do I begin?

● I'm a veteran, where do I go from here?

● reaching young families with children

● starting a parenting ministry

● inspiring your church to become more supportive and involved in your ministry

● helping your church/team embrace change

● training your volunteers, parents, and staff

● creating "child-friendly" environments and facilities

● casting vision and developing strategy

● children and salvation, evangelism, baptism, discipleship

● staffing, salaries, job descriptions, organization flowchart

● programming, scheduling, calendar, budgeting

● safety and security

● marketing to your community

● becoming more "connected" with current leaders and ideas

Art Murphy has a proven track record in building strong children & family ministries.  He can help you, and your team, accomplish these challenges.  


We have TONS of IDEAS!!!

Comments from a Recent Client

"For growing churches like ours, we are entering new territory with questions we don’t yet know to ask. Plus, our present financial situation caused us to shy away from bringing in a consultant. However, the choice to invite Art Murphy was worth it. He not only helped us think wisely about step 1.  He helped us think through steps that would come way down the road as we continue to grow. Art also provided effective training for my team. His approach is very engaging. They continue to refer to what they learned. In summary, the personal, tailor made investment from Art will provide a wealth of wisdom and insight, enabling you to move forward effectively and successfully with your mission to reach children and families."

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