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TSP is a biblically based, practical, proven, achievable approach to parenting.  Presented in a "non-preachy" format, elimInating "churchy" language, TSP has become a successful outreach event, attracting unchurched families in the community. Approximately 4.5 hours in length. Our most successful format looks like this:

Sunday, 4:00-7:00pm

  Session 1--Targets for Parents

  • The Greatest Challenges Parents Face

  • The Six Stages of Parenting

  • Overcoming Past/Present Mistakes

  • Seven Secrets to Successful Parenting


  Session 2--Targets for Our Children

  • How Society Is Impacting Today's Child(hood)

  • Becoming Intentional and Strategic in Your Parenting

  • Shaping Your Child's Character, Behavior, and Personality

  • Why Children Act the Way They Do

  • Understanding and Choosing Appropriate Discipline

  • The Two Most Important Gifts to Give Your Children


Monday, 7:00-8:30pm

Session 3--Targets for a Happy Home

  • Transforming Your House into a Happy Home

  • Choices That Make (or Break) a Happy Home

  • Five Distinct Ways to Express Love to Your Child

  • The Four Best Times to Teach Your Child About Life (values, choices, character, sex, death, God, etc.)

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