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Children and Christianity

Practical Steps for Helping a Child Become a Christian

CAC is for parents, grandparents, pastors, children's ministry leaders/volunteers, VBS/camp teams, counselors, coaches, teachers, and anyone who has the opportunity to influence children.  Our goal is to lead children to know, love, and follow Jesus with their lives.  Approximately 2 hours.

Topics Include:

  • Child Evangelism from Infant to Preteen

  • Biggest Myths About Children and Christianity

  • What Research Says About Children and Christianity

  • Four Stages (Ages) of Spiritual Development

  • Five Signs a Child Is Ready to Become a Christian

  • Four Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready to Become a Christian

  • Talking to Children About God (Do's and Don'ts)

  • Biggest Mistakes Churches & Parents Make

  • Children and Baptism

  • Children and Discipleship

  • and much more

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