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How to WIN at RECRUITING Children's Ministry Volunteers

Ten Strategies for a Proven Recruiting System


Most churches struggle with recruiting enough volunteers for their children's ministry. This has reached a crisis level in the U.S. The lack of children's ministry volunteers is one of the major reasons churches stop growing. Hiring a children's minister to "recruit all the volunteers" is an outdated approach and is NOT the model for growing and sustaining a strong children's ministry. However, there is good news. Art Murphy's Ten Strategies for a Proven Recruiting System has led churches of all sizes to significantly increase their number of children's ministry volunteers.


During this video training course you will discover:

  • how to MAXIMIZE your recruiting potential

  • steps to building a solid system that is guaranteed to bring you volunteers

  • 100+ proven recruiting activities

  • what the leading children's ministers have found to be the most successful

       enlistment strategies

  • fifteen ways to quickly double your number of volunteers

  • top ten places to discover volunteers

  • recruiting assignments for your staff, church, and YOU

  • how a large church, starting with 67 volunteers, increased to 725

  • how a medium church increased from 25 to 148 volunteers in four months

  • how a small church with only 6 volunteers, increased to 95 in just 18 months

  • recruiting FAILS not worth repeating

  • how to keep the volunteers that you have

  • and much, much more


We can help you conquer this challenge and develop a "full-blown," proactive recruiting strategy. Discover what hundreds of churches have implemented to increase their number of volunteers.

How to WIN at Recruiting Volunteers

How to WIN at Recruiting Volunteers

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