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Are you providing positive, purposeful training opportunities for your ministry team and families? Art Murphy has trained and inspired thousands of children's ministry leaders, volunteers, pastors, and parents in over 200 locations throughout the U.S.


Benefits of hosting a training event:

1. Wisdom/expertise from a proven leader.

2. Topics tailored to meet your ministry's needs.

3. Financial savings vs. traveling off-site.

4. Increased participation vs. traveling off-site.

5. Lives that are encouraged, strengthened, and challenged.
6. Children benefit from having trained volunteers/parents.

7. Scheduled to fit your calendar.


Listed below is a sample of our most requested events.  Contact us for a complete list of events, topics, costs, and hosting details.  

Children's Ministry Leadership Training

TNL is a premier training intensive for pastors and children’s ministry leaders.  Read more...

How to Win at RECRUITING
Children's Ministry Volunteers

Over 100 proven recruiting activities for building an army of committed, passionate volunteers.

Leadership Retreat
Refresh and Refuel in a Relaxing Environment
Targets for Successful Parenting

Birth Thru Preteen

TSP is a biblically based, practical, proven, achievable approach to parenting.  Read more...

Children and Christianity
Practical Steps for Helping a Child Become a Christian

This most important training is for pastors, parents, grandparents, kidmin volunteers, educators, coaches, counselors, and anyone who has the opportunity to influence children.  Read more...

The "WOW" Factor
30 Ingredients for Creating a "Child-Friendly" Environment
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