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Children's Ministry Leadership Training


TNL is a premier, comprehensive training experience for children’s ministry leaders. This 10-12 hour event can be presented as a 2-day live training event for the kidmin leaders in your city (greatly reducing your cost), or a private retreat for your church team. Or, you might prefer a video conference format (Zoom, etc.), focusing on one or more topics per week. TNL can be customized to your specific needs, budget, and calendar. Topics include:  


Taking Your Children's Ministry LEADERSHIP to the NEXT LEVEL 

  • Four Biggest Challenges Children's Ministers Face

  • Five Decisions Your Church Faces Regarding Children

  • Six Best Opportunities to Reach Un-Churched Families

  • Seven Key Ingredients for a Dynamic, Effective Children’s Ministry

  • Eight Ways Children's Ministry Is Changing in the U.S.

  • Evaluating, Adjusting, and Strengthening Your Leadership Style 

  • Building An Army of Passionate, Committed Volunteers

  • Selecting the Right Leadership Team (Who Does What?)

  • How to WIN at Recruiting Volunteers

  • Interviewing Potential Volunteers (Do's and Don'ts) 


Taking Your Children's MINISTRY to the NEXT LEVEL

  • Child Evangelism from Infant to Preteen

  • Children and Christianity: What the Research Says

  • Four Stages of Spiritual Development

  • Practical Steps for Leading Children to Become Christ-Followers 

  • Talking to Children About God

  • Signs That a Child Is Ready to Follow Jesus

  • Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready

  • Children, Baptism, and Spiritual Growth

  • Biggest Mistakes Churches and Parents Make

  • How Society Is Impacting Today's Child

  • What Every Child Needs When He Steps On Your Campus

  • Creating (and Sustaining) Child-Friendly Environments 

  • Tips for Most Effective Programming and Scheduling Results

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