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I first met Art as our consultant to help develop a new look and approach to our Children's Ministry. Immediately, I could see he had the talent and interpersonal skills to work with people and to get things done. In the end, we could not be more pleased with the final product: an approach to Children's Ministry that is uniquely better than any concept we could have developed on our own.

Les Wilkinson, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, FL 


Art Murphy is a tremendous leader in the area of children and family ministry. I've seen Art in action and recommend him to any organization that wants to move up to a higher level. Art is a real winner. 

Pat Williams, co-founder and senior vice president, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association 


Art has a gift to communicate the value and importance of having a dynamic children’s ministry.  Art is creative, humorous, practical and biblically based.  I would definitely invite Art back to our church again.  He is the best person I know at understanding children's ministry. 

Howard Fuller, veteran Education Minister, and Church Consultant, Mid-South Baptist Association, Collierville, TN

I have never met a person in my lifetime who has as much heart and passion for helping kids and their families as Art Murphy does. Any organization dedicated to children and families will be a significantly better place for partnering with him.

Amy Smith, former Staff Development Specialist, East Tennessee Children's Hospital, Knoxville, TN

For growing churches like ours, we are entering new territory with questions we don’t yet know to ask. Plus, our present financial situation caused us to shy away from bringing in a consultant. However, the choice to invite Art Murphy was worth it. He not only helped us think wisely about step 1, he helped us think through steps that would come way down the road as we continue to grow. Art also provided effective training for my team. His approach is very engaging. They continue to refer to what they learned. In summary, the personal, tailor made investment from Art will provide a wealth of wisdom and insight, enabling you to move forward effectively and successfully with your mission to reach children and families.

Jeff Gautney, Family Pastor, Gateway Baptist, Atoka, TN 

Art Murphy is one of the top children’s ministry leaders in America.  He brings loads of experience, relevance, and wisdom to the table.  If you are content with the status quo then do not attend THE NEXT LEVEL training.

Dale Hudson, veteran Children's Minister/Leader


At key times in my life, God brought along people to encourage, inspire, and challenge me to dream bigger and aim higher...not for personal fulfillment but for advancing the kingdom of God.  Art Murphy is a man God has used in my life in this way.  Art has taught me about serving God with professionalism and excellence.

Dave Lewis, founder The Basic Idea, former Director of Care Network, North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA


It is a pleasure to recommend to you Art Murphy to come along side your church to build a most vibrant Children’s Ministry. Art worked with us for almost a year in our process of moving to a new church campus. With his expertise he helped us re-design our entire Children’s Ministry to fit the needs of our church and community.

What we appreciate about Art is he took the time to learn who we are as a church and a pastoral staff so he could design a unique approach just for us. Art will bring his vast expertise, knowledge and wisdom to help provide the children of your church the best spiritual experience. He provided guidance for us in the development of our theming, for room design to complete the look of our Children’s area.

As a pastor, he was a great help to me personally, in my own leadership style. He gave me some great advice to become a better leader in my own church staff, church leaders and church family.

We highly recommend Art Murphy to help you design your Children’s Ministry to glorify God.

Eric Stitts, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, FL

To describe Art Murphy, one must use words like visionary, relevant, energetic, and compassionate.  Art's desire to help churches discover, refresh, and restore the vision and joy of ministering to children and families is contagious.  I would encourage any church to take advantage of Art’s experience and wisdom.

Marsha Naugle, Director of Preschool, First Baptist Church, Enid, OK


Since 1974 I've watched Art Murphy diligently follow after Christ and serve His church, pouring out his life in ministry to children and their families. Art is the picture of joy and enthusiasm. God is powerfully using Art to lead, coach, mentor and resource others in better serving children and their families.

Scott Brewer, Senior Pastor, Meadowbrook Church, Redmond, WA

As the title of your company suggests, you helped us find solutions for several challenges that, at the time, appeared as if they had no easy answers. Your sound philosophy, coupled with so many good, practical suggestions really helped us move forward!

David Garrard, Magician and veteran Children's Minister, Louisville, KY

Art Murphy is one of the finest leaders in children and family ministries in America.  I have personally been encouraged, coached, and challenged by Art's life and service, and I know God will use him in your ministry and church as well.  His specialties, godly parenting and effective child evangelism, are without equal.  I highly recommend Art to anyone who desires to take their children's ministry, family ministry, and church to new heights for the Kingdom.  He is a dear brother in the Lord to me, a mentor and friend, as he will be for you too.

Rob Brooks, veteran Children's Minister, Dacula, GA


Art Murphy is truly one of the most gifted communicators when it comes to parents and children.  His ministry will not only bless your church, it will positively impact it.  Each time he speaks lives are changed.

Jay Dennis, former Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church @ the Mall, Lakeland, FL


I can't thank you enough for writing The Faith of a Child. I really wish I would have had it years ago when I was one of those "the church is in charge of my child's spiritual development" kind of parents.  So many parents may not be aware of their role in the lives of their children's spiritual growth.

Beaumont, TX


I want you to know you were instrumental to my understanding of faith for children when I started in Kidmin 16 years ago. Your book [The Faith of a Child] helped me understand how to communicate deep theological truths to young minds and hearts and I’m eternally grateful for your wisdom. God bless you for building the kingdom!

Arlington, TX


I just can’t put your book [The Faith of a Childdown. Full of so much great stuff.

Omaha, NE

Art's insights are down-to-earth, relevant.  Each mentoring session left me with something I could put into action that very day.  This personalized, meaningful experience has impacted me not just in my leadership role as Children's Pastor, but in my home and as a community leader as well.   This is not just a conference workshop you'll sign up for and later forget; this experience will lay the foundation for a life-time change toward excellence and being the leader God created you to be!

Henderson, KY 

Your investment in the lives of our children’s workers has truly strengthened our ministry.

Ashland, AL

We kicked off our new Wednesday night program with much success. Many thanks to you and your suggestions. In 90 minutes you were able to solve four of our environment issues. In addition to providing tons of creative ideas, you brought up issues we had not considered, but definitely needed. [WAGS]

Huntsville, AL

In less than two hours, Art saved us over $10,000 and greatly contributed to a much better design for our new children's space.  Time and money well spent! [WAGS]

Castle Rock, CO

Art thanks for your servant leadership this past year and making such a difference in our ministry to children. We are so thankful that God allowed our path to cross with yours!! [Consultation]

Midlothian, TX

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