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A dynamic children/family minister is one of the most sought after, but most difficult, church staff positions to find. CMS can help.


Churches are discovering that hiring a children/family ministry leader from within their membership (or community) can be more beneficial than looking for someone outside.


The ultimate goal is finding the right person who best fits the personality, giftedness, work ethic, commitment, spiritual maturity, and church DNA. Adding a known member with a proven track record can be a real advantage.


However, one concern may be the candidate's lack of formal training in this area. Well, CMS can solve that.


Our goal is to find the best match to lead your ministry, and the training can follow. Here is a sample of what we provide:



  • provide job description and qualifications of an effective children's ministry leader 

  • determine how many paid staff are needed  [full-time vs part-time]

  • five key leadership positions that can be led by volunteers

  • recommend the best leadership team structure for your ministry



  • assist in discovering potential candidates

  • participate in interviewing potential candidates

  • recommend top candidates



  • key ingredients to an effective/contemporary children/family ministry

  • what every child needs when he steps on your campus

  • age group specifics

  • programming, scheduling, calendar, budgeting

  • curriculum, resources

  • creating "child-friendly" environments

  • children-salvation, baptism, discipleship

  • reaching, equipping, and involving parents

  • kidmin networks, conferences, training events

  • solving the recruiting challenge

  • training volunteers "on-the-go"



  • on-going mentoring, monitoring, and evaluating

  • what's next? setting goals [6 months, 2 years, 5 years]



  • one leader cannot solely recruit and shepherd all the volunteers

  • ten proven strategies of a successful recruiting system

  • 120 reliable recruiting activities

  • how to quickly double your volunteers

  • and much more


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