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Art Murphy

Founder and President

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Become your BEST at reaching children and families.

Do you know the secret to recruiting enough children's ministry volunteers? Are your facilities and environments modern and appealing? Are your programs fun (and effective)? Do your kidmin leaders need guidance, training, encouragement, mentoring? Is your partnership with parents clearly defined?   


No matter what size church, or challenge, whether a minor tweak, or a complete make-over, we take seriously the opportunity to help you achieve your very best. It is an honor to serve the Lord in this way, and a privilege to partner with you and your church.

During my journey as a children and family ministry leader, I have discovered the key ingredients to building a dynamic ministry for reaching children and families. Thousands of kidmin leaders and churches have benefited from these fundamentals. I would love to share these with you and your leadership team. Enjoy our website and send me your questions. I look forward to connecting with you.   

                                                                                                Because of Christ,

                                                                                                Art Murphy​

Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes a my name welcomes me." [Matthew 18:5, NET]

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The Faith of a Child

Over 20 years of research regarding children & Christianity. 147 pages of practical, biblical insight. A must read for every pastor, parent, grandparent, KidMin leader, teacher, counselor, coach, & volunteer.

Topics Include

*Four Stages of a Child's Spiritual Development

*Signs That a Child Is Ready to Become a Christian

*Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready

*Talking to Children About God

*Children, Baptism, and Spiritual Growth

  and much more.

List price: $15.99
Sale price: $12.79​
eBook: only $9.59
Click HERE to order.
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