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Become your BEST at reaching children and families.

Want to know the secret to recruiting enough volunteers for your children's ministry? Are your children's facilities/environments modern and appealing? Are your programs fun (and effective)? Does your children's ministry leadership team need guidance, training, encouragement, mentoring


No matter what size church, or challenge, whether a minor tweak, or a complete make-over, we take seriously the opportunity to help you achieve your very best. It is an honor to serve the Lord in this way, and a privilege to partner with you and your church.

During my 30+ years as a children and family ministry leader, I have discovered the key ingredients to building a dynamic ministry for reaching children and families. Thousands of kidmin leaders and churches have benefited from these fundamentals. I would love to share these with you and your leadership team. Enjoy our website and send me your questions. I look forward to connecting with you.   

                                                                                Because of Christ,

                                                                                Art Murphy​

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Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes a child...in my name welcomes me." [Matthew 18:5, NET]

The Faith of a Child

Over 20 years of research regarding children & Christianity. 147 pages of practical, biblical insight. A must read for every pastor, parent, grandparent, KidMin leader, teacher, counselor, coach, & volunteer.

Topics Include

*Four Stages of a Child's Spiritual Development

*Signs That a Child Is Ready to Become a Christian

*Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready

*Talking to Children About God

*Children, Baptism, and Spiritual Growth

  and much more.

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Sale price: $10.39​
eBook: only $2.39
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