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A dynamic children/family minister is one of the most sought after, but most difficult, church staff positions to find. CMS can help.


Our purpose is to help find the best match to lead your ministry to children and families. As part of the search process, we will provide:



  • specific recommendations that will take the children’s ministry to the next level, making it more attractive to a prospective staff person

  • recommend job descriptions tailor-made for your church

  • recommend appropriate compensation expectations and details

  • tips for hiring, including who/what to avoid

  • coaching the church throughout the entire search/hiring process



  • Take advantage of our list of present/potential leaders, many contacts, and children’s ministry networks.

  • We receive calls from the other minister search companies looking for potential candidates.

  • We will search within your church and community if so desired.



  • Includes thorough questioning, and checking resources.

  • Proper interviewing is tedious and time consuming, but very important, therefore, saving valuable time for pastor, staff, and search committee. 



  • CMS is the “eharmony” for churches looking for the right children/family minister. We meet and “date” the potential staff person that a church will “marry.” 

  • Just as pre-marital counseling is more valuable to a couple than the wedding, so is the matching process we provide churches prior to hiring someone. This process finds individuals that match the church’s DNA, but also recommends to all parties involved, areas that could use more clarity, or improvement.



  • Our fee system is the most economical of any comparable headhunter company.



During, or prior to the search process, Art Murphy can serve as your interim children/family minister. Some churches are not quite ready for a new staff member. Plus, much of the “dirty-work” (preparation, training, improving, leadership changes, etc.) that needs to take place can be accomplished prior to the new staff member’s arrival. If a potential candidate is inexperienced, Art can mentor him/her until he/she is ready to take the wheel.

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